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She works as a Mexican Cultural Representative in Walt Disney World, and does on the side freelance illustration. She's also a proud team member of Morning Noon and Night Productions and The Oatley Academy of Visual Storytelling.

Érika began her drawing career at the age of two, when she took her first drawing lesson with her mother. The lesson focused on elaborating a master study of Garfield’s anatomy. Érika quickly stand out when she corrected her instructor while studying the subject’s basic shapes. Garfield does not have pointy ears.

Her experience includes 6 years making props, scenery & FX make up for the ITESM CEM theater’s art department; leading the animation department and running around on set as a 2nd AD for Demonoid (1971); illustrating the comic Astor y Arbelio for Corteza Editorial, children instructor among other peculiar things.

While not working Érika invests her time traveling, looking for outdoor adventures, studying random subjects such as aeronautics, practicing any sports that involve no balls, observing airplanes or hugging Maximiliano de Catsburgo (her cat).